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            At about the age of one, Morgan started having seizures.  She had run the gamut of medical tests with no viable explanation.  After being put on medication, she continued to have the seizures, just not as severe.  When she started seeing Dr. Moore the seizures were still uncontrolled, occurring typically 8 times per day after she came home from school.  We don't know how many more she was having during school.  During the seizures, she would just zone out and stare ahead unresponsively.  Her progress at school was so adversely affected that she had to repeat Kindergarten.  She was always quiet and groggy.  She never wanted to go out to play at recess but would instead stay back in the classroom with the teacher.

             Dr. Moore found misalignment in her neck and started seeing her to correct her subluxations.  After her third visit, the seizures stopped!  My husband and I were in tears when we were talking about the progress she has made since starting chiropractic care.

             After about four weeks she had her follow-up appointment with her medical doctor and told him of her progress.  He acknowledged, "I wouldn't have thought about trying Chiropractic, but whatever works!  Let's reduce her medication in half and see what happens."  With the reduction in medication she has still not had a seizure.

             Seeing her now you would not believe she is the same child.  She is now known as the socialite of her class.  Her classmates comment that "Morgan is talking to us now!" and plays with everyone at recess.  She has a sparkle in her eyes now.  She is not only reading up a storm but can now concentrate and retain what she has read.  She has not only caught up with her grade level, she has risen from 2nd from the bottom to 2nd. from the top!

Testimonial by Greg M.


Chiropractic is like a miracle drug. I have had a great experience after chiropractic. While on vacation I was whipped around at the water slides. Before my visit I had a headache. After my adjustment with Dr. Moore my headache was gone within a couple of hours.

All better!!!

Greg M, Custodian
Shasta Lake, CA


Testimonial by Sandi H.


I was involved in a car accident in March of this year and after the accident I had a great deal of neck pain, my insurance company recommended that maybe I should seek the services of a chiropractor. I have never been to a chiropractor before and had no ideas where to go, my insurance agent told me that Dr. Moore was excellent and that I may want to give his office a call.
I called Dr. Moore's office that day and set up an appointment for the following week.
Upon arrival I was treated with care and professionalism. I had no idea what exactly a chiropractor actually did and had heard of all of the "old stories" about the treatments not working, people were never the same after they started to go to a chiropractor, and all of those types of things, wrong to say the least!!
I have never felt better, my pain is almost gone and several other "health" problems that I had have almost gone away as well even the depression is better!
He actually took X-rays to find out exactly what my problem was and we sat down and one of the members of his staff went over everything with me and showed me exactly what the problem was and how they would treat me.
Of course, my first visits were with apprehension, but of course it was like nothing I had expected. Dr. Moore is very professional, and the general public probably has no idea of how they can benefit from visiting Dr. Moore. Also, his staff is so incredible! they make you feel at home, safe, and they all have the best sense of humours!!
I would highly recommend Dr. Moore to everyone that would like to enjoy a long life, be pain free and in turn maybe have a change of attitude!!

Sandi H, Realtor,
Redding, CA


Testimonial by Ed M.

Shasta Lake City Chiropractor

"The number of medications I have been able to get off of since starting Chiropractic care."


I had acute pain and numbness throughout the body, with severe weakness and extreme fatigue. I had nerve damage throughout the body due to several surgeries.
Previous treatments included massage, weight programs, and different natural herbs and over the past 7 years I had seen over 35 doctors and had multiple surgeries and outpatient procedures.
My neck pain from over 15 years was gone. I was able to move limbs and do easy daily chores. After the past 7 years and seeing over 35 doctors I am a firm believer that chiropractic treatments should work hand in hand with medical treatments to possibly reduce the use of medications. At present I have been able to reduce 7 medications.

Ed M, Retired
Shasta Lake


Testimonial by Cindy L.


My daughter, Jaiden, is 3 years old and has been fairly healthy since birth. She began daycare when she was 2 3/4 years old. Since starting daycare, she had 3 ear infections in 3 months requiring antibiotics each time. She began getting her 4th ear infection and was complaining yet again of ear pain and difficulty sleeping.
I decided to bring her into Dr. Moore to have her adjusted. Sure enough, Jaiden was out of alignment in her neck, causing blockage and thus the body's inability to conquer the ear infections. Dr. Moore adjusted her and stated she may get a low grade fever for a few hours afterwards because the body would now be recognizing the ear infection was present. That evening she did, in fact, get a low grade fever and finally slept through the night. The next day I asked her if her ear was hurting and she said "no". That was the first time she was able to fight an ear infection on her own. I now take her in regularly to keep her body in balance. Being that she is 3 years old, she is always falling, tumbling, and jumping and chiropractic care is a way of keeping her body in alignment.

Cindy L, mom
Redding, CA


Testimonial by Amanda F.


My daughter, Mikayla, has suffered from chronic ear infections since she was 6 months old. The pediatrician put her on antibiotics for eleven months straight and it never helped. Mikayla was always sick, in and out of the hospital with RSV Roda Virus and she even had MRSA before the age of five, all due to a low immune system from having way too many antibiotics when she was a toddler. I didn't know any better. She was our first child and we just listened to the doctor thinking he was making the best decision for her. At the age of five she had no hearing due to her chronic ear infections in both ears. She went in for surgery to have tubes put in her ears to allow them to drain properly. I thought that was going to be the start of a new beginning for Mikayla, but once her tubes came out, we were back in the same boat again. Mikayla was getting ear infections again and back on antibiotics. I was really worried about my daughter's health, wondering what was in store for Mikayla's future.
Then I found Dr. Moore for my own needs. I told him about Mikayla and all we had been through with her. He then told me he would like to try to help Mikayla. It really left a question in my mind, could this man really help my daughter. At that point, I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a try. I brought my daughter to Dr. Moore and that was the day of Mikayla's true beginning of a new outlook on her future. Mikayla no longer takes medicine of any kind. She has been free of sickness for over a year now and we owe it all to Dr. Moore and the Chiropractic family.

Amanda F, mom
Cottonwood, CA


Testimonial by Robert M.


We Trust Dr. Moore With Our Health Reagan has been a patient of Dr. Moore's from birth. Very early on Reagan suffered from colic. Dr. Moore made dietary recommendations and we continued with adjustments weekly for the baby. Within days no more painful episodes occurred.
Eight months later our daughter has no belly problems. Just as impressive are the things that Chiropractic care has enabled us to avoid. Reagan has not had a serious cold, has not had an ear infection, and has never had to take any antibiotics. We trust Dr. Moore with our health and even more importantly the health of our little girl.

Robert M, R.N.
Shasta Lake, CA


Testimonial by Barry N.


My first contact with Dr. Moore occurred when I was vacationing in Redding. My back went into spasms and I was unable to do anything. Dr. Moore worked on my back and I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation.
Dr. Moore and chiropractic has enabled me to function normally. He has made a big difference in my physical health and well-being. Being treated by Dr. Moore on a regular basis has enabled me to pursue my passion for bass fishing!

Barry N, Fisherman
Redding, CA


Testimonial by Cindy M.


Knee and back pain was seriously limiting one of my favorite recreational activities: running. Each time my foot struck the ground the pain was unbearable. I tried assisted stretch, physical therapy and even other chiropractors.
It wasn't until I started coming to Moore Chiropractic on a regular regime of adjustments that I started really improving. As the pain lessened, I was able to increase my mileage on a regular basis. On October 5, I completed my very first marathon and even qualified for the Boston Marathon!
I never dreamed I could run a marathon and I want to convey my happiness with the wonderful results I have achieved with Moore Chiropractic.


Cindy M, Teacher
Redding, CA


Testimonial by Debbie M.


Over the years, I have had problems with my back. I have taken all kinds of medicine to help "mask" the pain. The pain would go away, finally, but would reoccur from time to time. I increased my exercising activity and that seemed to strengthen my muscles. My back problem still came back on occasions. If I lifted something wrong, it would "go out" on me and it would sometimes take weeks or months for it to subside. I felt like I would have to live with it forever.
In March of 2001, I first went to Dr. Moore's practice because I had strained my back once again. I was in desperation this time, because I was at the end of a 10-week training program to run the Boston Marathon. I had qualified just 3 months earlier at California International Marathon and this was my lifetime goal. Running Boston Marathon was a goal I had set for myself even before I ran my first marathon in 1999. The Boston Marathon was only 3 weeks away and I could not run! It hurt too much.
A good friend had been seeing Dr. Moore on a regular basis and would tell me that he really helper her out. I called her in desperation one day and asked her for his phone number. I was so injured that I had to lift my left leg into the car. I just knew that Boston was not going to happen.
The first visit to Dr. Moore's office, I was so thrilled! I immediately felt relief from the first adjustment. Because I had ran with my back out, I had strained the muscles in my hip, but the back pain was much, much better. After several trips to see Dr. Moore over that next couple of weeks, I continued to see improvement.
Three weeks later, I was able to run Boston Marathon and since that time, I continue to see Dr. Moore for minor adjustments. Each time, I leave this office feeling "new" again, and have continued running.
I have gone back two more times and ran the Boston Marathon, and I thank Dr. Moore for making that happen. I'm 53 years old and feel 20 years younger. I owe that to Dr. Moore. My quality of life is so much better now. My back muscles are stronger and with continued occasional visits, I have little problems with my back and neck.

Thanks, Dr. Moore!

Debbie M, Weight Loss Consultant
Redding, CA


Testimonial by Millie Allen


I was paralyzed from my waist down and have gone to chiropractors all my life. As I got older (86) I have arthritis. Then I fell and pinched nerves causing my arm to go dead from lack of circulation. Also my feet were cold all the time.
Thanks to Dr. Moore I now have warm feet and the use of my arm again. I still have severe curvature from when I was paralyzed but with Dr. Moore's help I'm feeling better.

Thank you Dr. Moore!

Millie Allen, Retired
Shingletown, CA

Testimonial by Jerry F.


It is great knowing I can go in and see Dr. Moore if I have a problem and he can ease the pain!
I started seeing Dr. Moore because I had a pinched nerve in my neck. Later I started having trouble with my hands. I ended up giving up golf, fishing and even had trouble doing my job. Dr. Moore was able to steer me toward what I needed to do. After a lot of tests it was diagnosed as carpal tunnel. I had to have cortisone shots but Dr. Moore has been able to continue treatment on my wrists.
By having my adjustments, I am able to work, fish and play golf. Knowing if I have a problem I can go in and see Dr. Moore and he can ease the pain. I thank Dr. Moore for finding the problem. It is nice to be back having fun again.

Jerry F, contractor
Redding, CA

Testimonial by Carla S.

back pain doctor redding ca WITH DR. MOORE IN CHARGE "WHO NEEDS BACK SURGERY"

I had been living in Oklahoma for six months taking care of my 90 year old father who spent 45 days in the hospital. My father had to be moved into a nursing home and passed away 4 months after my move. I then had to clear out a home that had been lived in for 30 years, get it ready to sell and move back to California. I was pushing it, but knew I needed to get home.
With the combination of emotional stress, heavy lifting, and cleaning, along with the garage and estate sale, my back went out. After lying on the floor for two weeks and making the drive back to California I finally arrived on the doorsteps of Moore Chiropractic in bad shape. After two weeks of adjustments, my primary care physician ordered an MRI. The MRI results indicated that I had a herniated disc in my low back.
I was then referred to a neurosurgeon who looked at the MRI and before seeing me, just knew I would need surgery to repair the damage in my low back. After meeting with the neurosurgeon, he was amazed at how well I was doing, and wanted to know what I was doing.
I told him that Dr. Moore was getting me through the pain with adjustments, and I was feeling 90% better than when I arrived home. My neurosurgeon said, "Don't change a thing, and tell Michael to keep up the good work". I have continued to receive adjustments and am now pain free.
Without the care of Dr. Moore I would still be suffering from low back pain, or already had surgery. The most exciting part was when I went to my 50th high school class reunion walking upright with no low back pain, enjoying every moment. Thank you, Dr. Moore, for getting me through a very difficult time in my life.

Carla S, retired
Redding, CA

Testimonial by Lois K.

neck pain doctor redding ca I WAS TOLD I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO HAVE CHILDREN

I was told I might not be able to have children and that in maturity I could be confined to a wheelchair due to the severity of my scoliosis.

I remember my gym teacher in high school saying, "Lois, stand up straight!" Well, I thought I was standing up straight but it didn't appear so to her or others viewing my posture. The problem in my spine had developed from an early age to a point of visual detection in my teen years. The curve was very noticeable and the pain severe with certain sport activities.
Upon examination and x-rays some 60 years ago, I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis of the spine. It was suggested then, due to the severity of the spinal curve, I might not be able to have children and that in maturity I could be confined to a wheelchair. I began treatment soon after and today I give testimony that those harsh measures never occurred thanks to chiropractic care!
After viewing my recent spinal x-rays, it was said that I was a miracle, but the real miracle is the chiropractic care I receive from my son, Dr. Michael Moore, He has been treating my spinal condition since his graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic 28 years ago. I choose to travel 380 round trip miles each month to get adjusted, and more often if needed, as I know that quality, care, and compassion are first and foremost for all patients who seek his assistance. I am an energetic 75 year old now enjoying many interests and activities that would not be possible except for my excellent health thanks to Dr. Moore and the chiropractic care he provides.

Lois K, (aka. Michael's Mom!)
Retired, Williams, Oregon

Testimonial by Alysia K.


Alysia came to our office with constant low back, shoulder and hip pain, numbness in her right hand and asthma. Pain had been chronic for 20 years after a car accident damaged 3 discs in her neck. She had been treated with numerous medications, including asthma medication, anti-inflammatory medication, narcotics and stomach medication to deal with the side effects of the other medications. Surgery was recommended to fuse the vertebrae in the neck.
After care in our office, she states, "All muscle pain is controlled or eliminated by regular adjustments." But amazingly my asthma symptoms declined to nearly zero and I was able to get off all anti inflammatory medications. Then I stopped coming to Dr. Moore for about 8 months. My asthma returned, so I was using rescue medication two and three times per day in a non-allergy time of year. I decided to test the idea that Chiropractic could help my asthma. I returned to a once per week adjustment regimen. My thoracic vertebra always needed adjusting. Within 6 weeks my asthma was gone.
Three times Dr. Moore's adjustments caused my asthma to retreat to a nearly drug- free state. Then stupidly I stopped coming for adjustments again. Guess what? The asthma came back with a vengeance! Now I come religiously every 1-2 weeks.
I continue to be free of medication except when I get the flu. Amazing!!!
When my asthma is controlled by chiropractic I can be totally off my medications. This helps me cope with a heart problem. Heart medications called Beta Blockers can antagonize asthma. When my asthma is controlled, my heart treatments cause fewer side effects and give my cardiologist more options.

Alysia K, Retired Teacher

Testimonial by Christine J.

lumbar disc treatment redding ca I HERNIATED MY LUMBAR DISC AT L5 AND S1.

"The Perfect Touch"

I herniated my lumbar disc at L5 and S1. Surgery was recommended by a local orthopedist. I had lower back pain and throbbing nerve pain down the right leg all the way to my foot. It was very painful. I was unable to walk properly, unable to push off of right foot, I could not sit down, I was unable to lie in bed, and I couldn't stand for long periods of time. I could not run or cycle or do simple household tasks such as cooking. Even picking up the kettle was very painful.
After 4 weeks of treatment I managed to fly back to the UK, although painful. I used an ice pack and exercises which helped. After 8 weeks of chiropractic treatment I can now bend, stand, sit, and also walk for 30 minutes. I am also able to carry out household duties such as ironing and laundry now which really made my back quite painful before.

Christine J. Homemaker
Redding, CA

Testimonial by For Don S.


Before seeing Dr. Moore my 82 year old dad was having difficulty walking and had considerable pain which led to his inability to perform regular activities as well as recreation. He has been active his entire life. When his back got worse he could no longer do anything he enjoyed like kayaking, hiking, and cycling. This was making life pretty difficult and despair was typical. Work was getting difficult too.
Now that he has been helped by Dr. Moore his life has improved dramatically. He is back in the saddle. He has returned to kayaking, hiking, and attending weekly symphony and jazz concerts. Work is much easier as well. He has even joined a large charity organization to give back to the community. He now has hope for his future. My dad loves to go out in our great city and surrounding areas for fun and recreation. He is socializing and enjoying life again!
I have been so happy to see him mowing his 1 acre property and climbing the ladder to prune his trees. Each day he gets up early and looks forward to what is coming up next. He says, "Every day is a new adventure."

For Don S, retired,
Written by his daughter, Janet
Redding, CA

Testimonial by Mary B.

neck pain fatigue doctor redding ca REGISTERED NURSE: NECK PAIN, FATIGUE

Neck Pain, Fatigue: I went to a California State University via athletic scholarship program, to get myself through college. I have been a full time employed RN for 35 years, who never experienced pain from a physical injury which lasted more than 3 days.

My neck pain injury was sustained at work; basically from 10-12 hrs sitting at a computer for days on end and supervising other nurses. I sustained severe neck, left shoulder and upper back pain and spasms. I attempted to treat this pain on my own with a variety of over-the-counter analgesics and pain patches to no avail. I went for physical therapy sessions where they treated me with hot packs and ultrasound which made my pain so much worse.
The source of my pain was nerve pain coming from my neck which radiated to my left shoulder and upper back. The pain and spasms became so severe it affected my posture. I was unable to hold my head erect just to sit in a chair. I walked with my head tilted to one side. I was up pacing in misery at night; I could do nothing without pain. I am also diabetic, and this injury caused my blood glucose to soar out of control, just from the pain and stress.
Working in the health care field as I do, I was bombarded with medical opinions and treatment modes from most all my peers. Everyone where I worked agreed that my only option was to have surgery on my neck. I don't value elective surgery and most certainly not on my neck. I opted for a more conservative approach as I didn't want to possibly end up paralysed or crippled from neck surgery, believe me it happens!!!
A friend/ coworker told me about Dr. Moore, a Chiropractor in Redding. Most of his family goes there. I feel so blessed and emotionally overwhelmed at times with gratitude. Dr. Moore is an excellent clinician, educator and an awesome genuine advocate for his patients. He involves you in your own treatment plan and values self assessments. It's so refreshing to go into his friendly office. His office staff also a big time bonus and you can tell they enjoy working there, with their flexible scheduling and willingness to re-schedule appointments to work around my busy life and schedules.
My pain is minimal now with my continued twice a week adjustments and appointments. I require no pain medications, I'm able to work full time as before and my blood glucose Diabetic readings are the best they have ever been. Thank you Dr. Michael Moore!!!

Mary B, RN
Redding, CA

Testimonial by John S.

low back pain treatment redding ca "LOW BACK PAIN RELIEVED WITHOUT MEDICATION"

I was first introduced to chiropractic at age 10 by my father who was conscious of healthful living. I was having chronic ear infections and both ear drums were bad, we were told I needed surgery. My dad took me to a chiropractor instead. After a couple weeks of regular adjustments my ears healed and no surgery was required. When my ears would act up over the years I would go in for an adjustment.
When I was 16 years old I was bucking hay in a field that had recently been irrigated. There was a bale at the end of the field that was soaked through. I put the hooks in and put a knee into it and when I jerked to get the bale on the bed the only thing that moved was me. The bale was 150+ pounds and compressed a disc in my back. Doctors prescribed pain medications throughout my life after that incident.
My M.D. told me to take 500mg tablets of Tylenol. I started with 1/day then 2/day and then finally 3/day to calm down the pain. I didn't like taking pain medications. I was raised different than that, but I was feeling crippled. My legs were strong but the pain was so sharp I would take a few steps and it felt like someone took pliers to that nerve and I couldn't stand.
I went to the mall in Redding and started at JC Penny's then had to walk down to Sears at the other end, but I couldn't make it to the other end without stopping at every chair between stores. I would have to park my car as close as possible so I wouldn't have to walk as far. That's when I thought something had to change.
My son told me about the benefits he had received from the care provided by his Chiropractor, Dr. Moore. So naturally I came to see Dr. Moore also. After 4 or 5 adjustments I really noticed a difference and 2 weeks after starting chiropractic I went back to the mall and could walk from one end to the other without having to stop at a single chair. Quite an improvement!
I recently saw my general practitioner and told him that my pain was decreased and I was no longer taking the pain medication. It was like it took the wind out of his sails! He was just quiet and changed the topic, and no tests are being prescribed now.
The pain is still there but no longer so bad. I guard what I am doing and figure out different ways to do things. If I feel good I want to do more activities by nature. Now I can do work in the yard and have to remind myself not to do it all at one time. Overall it's very good I'm really comfortable, I can't jog because my left leg is still weak, but pain is so mild I wouldn't even mention it now.

John S, Retired
Redding, CA

Testimonial by Jeanne Woods & Family


Dear Dr. Moore,

Our son was born May 16, 1989 at 8:06 pm. He came to us a little early, nearly 3 months! UC Davis Medical Center told us he wouldn't last 24 hours, 'so just be prepared.' Okay, how do we prepare ourselves.
We named him Hunter Ryan Joseph Woods, his name was longer than he was, but we knew it was him. He spent the first four months of his life in NICU at UC Davis Medical Center. Sometimes when we drove down from Redding to see him, we were not even allowed to pick him up, or even put our hands into the incubator to touch him. After 12 surgeries, and 4 months, and achieving four pounds (from being born at one pound), we took our first-born home.
Hunter just turned 23 years old (as of May 16, 2012). He has been through a total of 38 surgeries in his short life, and lots of trials and setbacks, but has always come through tougher and stronger. He has a heart of gold and would give you anything you needed because that makes him happy. He loves people and his goal is to see them happy. Hunter has his own business as a Scentsy Independent Consultant, and gives everything he has to achieving a thriving business and, of course, pleasing people.
Hunter has had some physical disabilities that made life difficult for him: his balance and walking were not quite that of most people; Shriners? Children's Hospital performed surgeries on his foot and leg, which affected his gait and difficult to walk up and down stairs, but fixed the main problem. We all know if one thing is off, it upsets the whole body.
A very good friend of ours, Gavin DeBree, told us about this chiropractor he was going to, who "absolutely worked miracles for" him and suggested we both check it out. I believe it was meant to be. We went to see Dr. Moore, and God's blessing was definitely with us. After Dr. Moore examined Hunter and took some X-rays, Hunter began his miracle visits!
I am his mom and to say there have been improvements in Hunter's life because of Dr. Moore's working with my son, well, words won't ever be enough. I have seen my son run for the first time in his 23 years of life, thanks to Dr. Moore's work.
Hunter has always been a giving and loving person, but now he's even more so, how can that be - Dr Moore's hands, as Hunter puts it, are 'miracle hands, and he says, "I just love going there, Mom, everyone is always so pleasant and nice."
I could go on and on about Dr. Moore and his staff, but in order for anyone to really understand, they have to experience the awesome benefits for themselves. Hunter carries quite a few of Dr Moore's business cards so he can pass them out to anyone who expresses pain of any kind. He just wants people to feel as good as he does.
My husband and I are most grateful to Gavin for directing us to Dr. Moore, and will forever be in Dr. Moore's debt for improving Hunter's way of life.
With peace and love from our hearts to yours, thank you for everything.

Jeanne Woods & Family

Testimonial by Rose A.

headaches and migraine treatment in redding ca SUFFERING FROM MIGRAINE HEADACHES

I was referred to Dr. Moore's Chiropractic Office by several of my friends because I have been suffering from migraine headaches that had gotten so bad that they were causing me to pass out, have mini-strokes, and petite mal seizures. My original chiropractor refused to continue treating me because of the severity of my ailments. I had several other aches and pains due to degenerated discs and arthritis. Also, over this last 18 months I have been diagnosed with multiple disorders including Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. This was all while watching my diet, staying within my optimum weight for my age and exercising, I swear!!! You can only imagine the tests I've been through, the doctors I've seen and the medication I've been prescribed.

I started coming to Dr. Moore for adjustments in November, 2006. My general body aches and pains have lessened a lot, but my blood pressure and blood sugar have both stabilized, as well. I no longer have to take medication for my diabetes (as long as I also continue to watch my diet) and we hope to get me off of my other meds soon, too. My headaches had also lessened, but I was still getting them. Before I started going for chiropractic I used to get migraines in a series of 3-5 days at a time about a week or two apart and they had lessened to about once a month and sometimes would only be headaches and not go to the migraine stage.

A while back I got a really bad migraine that caused me to pass out. Dr. Moore encouraged me to try and come in during the next one, if possible, because he had just had success treating someone in the middle of a migraine and it had subsided as soon as he completed the adjustment. When the next one hit I called his office and they told me to come right in. When I got there they had me lie down and relax as best I could. Dr. Moore came in and adjusted me a little at a time so as not to aggravate the migraine. After the adjustment was over I felt some relief immediately. By the time I went home and took my medication for the migraines (2 Ibuprofen and a can of COKE/caffeine) I was actually pain free. My sinuses didn't hurt from my allergies, my neck, back, etc, etc, didn't hurt PAIN FREE!!!!! It's been almost a week now and I still haven't gotten another migraine. For the first time since I can remember (I've had headaches since I was a child) I haven't gotten them in clusters. I got ONE this time and it's sill GONE!! Oh, the aches and pains are back because I couldn't leave well enough alone and actually felt like gardening this weekend! That's OK, I was PAIN FREE for a while and looking forward to more pain free days.

Thank you Dr. Moore and your wonderful staff!

Rose A, Employment Counselor
Redding, CA

Testimonial by Lori R.

pain in feet redding ca PROBLEMS WITH MY FEET

For years I was having problems with my feet. It was getting so bad I was going up or down steps one at a time. No previous methods of treatment were being taken.
After Dr. Moore x-rayed my neck he was able to see why I was having problems with my feet. A few adjustments later on my neck and my feet were pain free. I am able to walk up and down steps with no problem.

Lori R, Rancher
McArthur, CA

Testimonial by Bill C.

sleep problem redding ca I WAS ONLY ABLE TO SLEEP IN A CHAIR

My back was so bad that it was affecting the chores I was needed to do at my ranch. It was so painful at times I was only able to sleep in a chair. I could not lie down, it hurt to walk or even drive at times. No previous methods of treatment were being taken.
'since being treated by Dr. Moore there have been great results, the pain that was at a level 10 is now at a level 4. He has done miracles for me. I am able to do the things that I could not do before.'

Bill C., Rancher
McArthur, CA

Testimonial by Shelby Kelly


"Dr. Moore" or "Dr. Michael" as we call him gave my twin sister and I our first adjustment the day we were born. We now have received chiropractic care for almost 16 years. Our family and I have come to Moore Chiropractic for everything from a simple adjustment to keep us healthy, to a complex cold, ear infections or whatever is going on with us, we start by getting adjusted.
A few years ago my sister broke her ankle and instead of going straight to a hospital, my mother went to Dr. Michael's office for x-rays, knowing she would be in good hands.
Dr. Moore and Donna have helped my family including my grandparents with a lot of things involving our health. And what I have learned is that medication/pills are not always going to help you and may even harm you, and that maybe all you need is an adjustment.

Shelby Kelly, College Student, Whiskeytown Parks and Recreation volunteer
Redding, CA

Testimonial by Cindy L.

chiropractors in redding ca I HAVE ALWAYS HAD LOW BACK PAIN

"How a chest cold and chiropractic saved me from lower back surgery."

I had always had low back pain. In August of 2009, I started training for a running race. I was exercising/training 6 days a week. I believe due to the stress of training and a pulled muscle in my back, I ruptured a disc in my back at L4/L5.The MRI indicated that the rupture was 7-8mm and I was experiencing severe sciatica in my left leg and could barely walk.
I had been a patient of Dr. Moore's in the past and called him right away. He had me come in the same day to asses my situation. He explained what was going on and that chiropractic care could possibly help my situation. Due to the severity of the rupture, I was also seen by an orthopedic surgeon within days of my MRI. The orthopedic surgeon had me scheduled for surgery to take the pressure off the nerve that was causing drop foot, sciatica, and nerve problems. I was unable to have the surgery due to a chest cold. The surgery was rescheduled for the following week. After seeing Dr. Moore during this time, I was slowly starting to get some relief. By the time the surgery was scheduled, I was able to walk with little pain. The orthopedic surgeon stated that if I was making progress, perhaps my body was healing by itself. He postponed the surgery to see how my body would heal. Since seeing Dr. Moore, my drop foot, sciatica and nerve problems have gone away. I am a firm believer that a combination of chiropractic care and my body's natural ability to heal has helped me recover from a disc rupture. I will continue to see Dr. Moore regularly to maintain a healthy and balanced body.

Cindy L, Homemaker
Redding, CA

Testimonial by Mark A.

best chiropractors in redding ca MY HEAD AND NECK WAS BOTHERING ME FOR YEARS

A man hit me while driving. I had a whiplash in 1993. My head and neck was bothering me for years and my thinking was bad.
I went to a chiropractor 4 or 5 times and it did not help, I went to a reflexologist 4 to 6 times it helped for a short time but it always came back.
When I went to Dr. Moore I had headaches and could not think very well. Now I have no headaches and my thinking is about 80-95% better. "I have more clarity of thought, concentration has improved, and when I read it sticks. I feel better now than I did before the crash (18 years ago)!"

Mark A.
Shingletown, care giver

Testimonial by Delma R.

Chiropractors shasta lake city ca I WAS UNABLE TO DO DAILY ACTIVITIES

"Doing what I love to do most" clean the house, without dizziness!

My major complaints were: vertigo, asthma, shoulder pain, neck pain, and back pain. With these problems I was unable to do daily activities. At 82 years old I still drive, take walks and clean homes. I am very active.
With my past history and methods of treatment I would go to the doctor and I would be given medication for my vertigo that would keep me asleep. For my asthma I would be given a nebulizer and prednisone to help me break up the phlegm in my chest. Muscle relaxers would be given for my shoulder, neck and back pain.
Since I started chiropractic with Dr. Moore back in 2005 I feel wonderful. I have always told my children that Dr. Moore has the hands of an "angel" because I am back to my usual activities and feel like a new person. I live in Gilroy, but when I need an adjustment I come to Redding and stay with my daughter until Dr. Moore says I am doing better and can return home.
On 4/5/10 I saw Dr. Moore because I had no movement of my neck. I had headaches, and my asthma had returned. I was placed on the nebulizer. After 3 adjustments I was able to move my head, the headaches went away, and I stopped using the nebulizer.
At the same time I dislocated my foot and was unable to place any pressure on it. I had to walk with a cane. After 2 adjustments to my foot, I gave up the cane. This is why I truly believe Dr. Moore has hands of an "angel".
God Bless you Dr. Moore, your family, and office staff for all you do for me when in need.

Delma R, retired
Gilroy, CA

Testimonial by Sarah S.

best chiropractor shasta lake ca CHIROPRACTIC CARE DURING PREGNANCY

I have gone to Moore Chiropractic for 21 years. When I found out I was pregnant, I went to Dr. Moore through my whole pregnancy. This was my first pregnancy, so I have never experienced being pregnant without chiropractic care, but I heard people talk about the backaches and all the other things that come with being pregnant. I only had a backache once in a while and even then it wasn't very bad. I had a very easy pregnancy, and only time that I was really uncomfortable was the last couple of weeks before my son was born.
My son began seeing Dr. Moore the day that he was born, and he has continued to see him. He is as happy and healthy as he could be.
During my second pregnancy with chiropractic care I was again thankful that I see Dr. Moore. I have had almost no back pain even in advanced pregnancy. If I went too long between appointments, then I would notice that my back would ache more. When I was sleeping my hips would start hurting if I lay too long on one side. But if I would go get a check-up I would feel so much better and would have no trouble sleeping. I would recommend that every woman should get chiropractic care during their pregnancy.

Sarah S., Homemaker
Redding, CA


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Testimonial by Dr. Laurie Mestadgh

pain management redding ca

"Michael Moore is one of the finest Chiropractors in America. I have known, observed and been inspired by him for 20 years. He is that rare Dr. that can blend technical expertise and extraordinary experience with an attitude of service directly from the heart."

Dr. Laurie Mestadgh,
Columbia, IL

Testimonial by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

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"As a chiropractor, I know how hard it can be finding one that will provide care for you and your family. With Dr. Michael Moore there is no hesitation in making referrals. With Dr. Moore, you're getting the best of the best."

Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Los Angeles, CA

Testimonial by Dr. Suzanne Frye

spinal decompression redding ca

"Dr. Moore is a world class chiropractor. I am certain he is possibly the best chiropractor in California."

Dr. Suzanne Frye
Lancaster, CA

Testimonial by Dr. Carolyn Griffin, D.C.

scoliosis treatment redding ca

"Dr. Michael Moore is such an amazing chiropractor and friend! I not only recommend him for his caring and compassionate nature, but I completely trust him with my own family. When my daughter had a healing crisis, Dr. Moore and Donna were there for us 100%."

Dr. Carolyn Griffin, D.C.
Santa Clarita, CA

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